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For additional information on all features, just follow the link below.

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You can get this application on Creative Market. Download this amazing typography effect tool from Creative Market. Do not hesitate to find more products and graphic resources in our popular Templates category. Rate here:. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Leave this field empty. Art Text — Lettering and typography software for Mac. Please rate this article.

Displace Color by Newdo Pedroso. Typographic Street Art by Ben Johnston. Do you have pressing needs to finish your design project quickly and easily?

Or if you prefer, you could import your own images and modify and adapt them to meet your unique design needs! Easy Create 3D text effect and logo animation in minutes for the website and your movies! Create 3D text effects and 3D logo animations in minutes for the web and your movies!

Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker - Download

Your goal may be to enhance and vitalize your images, web pages or to display your text or graphics with interesting effects, but unfortunately, you may not be familiar with 3D design software. The learning curve for 3DSMax may be too steep and costly, while the skills to use Photoshop tend to be tedious and slow.

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Here is where we come to your rescue with its easy to use and powerful set of design tools for your text, shapes or logo needs. Additionally, hand shape, SVG graphics, font graphics imports, or import of pictures and external models , will provide you with the flexibility and power that you require for your intended designs. Do you need a simple way to make an outstanding title and banner animations, or promote your website with unique logos and advertisement?

Name drop is the easiest way to create multiple designs with different names. Create the designs you want to apply the "Name drop", write the names that you want to be embroidered and apply it. The software will create multiple designs one over the other which their only difference will be the Text Name you have added in the Name Drop list.

Art Text – Lettering and Typography Software for Mac

The designs can be sewn out one after the other. Complete stitch editor that allows you move, delete and insert multiple stitches. The stitch editor gives you the freedom to adjust every stitch of the design easily. The color management system changed completely. Now it is easier to manage colors and select the thread palette you prefer. It includes a color wheel where all the colors are positioned and you can easily change them by simply dragging the color to a new position.

Color harmony is the theory of combining colors in a fashion that is harmonious to the eye. In other words, what colors work well together. The Color manager now includes this ability and it can apply it on the colors of the design. Making color balanced designs was never easier. A new toolbar added in the software where all the activated thread palettes are listed.

You can select the thread palette you want to use and apply any thread color on the design. You can also search through the thread palette with the thread number and use only the threads you have in house. The design browser lists all the supported designs that can be found in your computer, for easier and faster access to them. You can search for designs and organize them according your preferences.

Add your favorite folders in the respective section for quicker access to your most used designs. The software by default uses the automatic object re-ordering that helps to create well optimized embroidery design easily. If you want to take control of the re-ordering process you have to disable the Automatic way and re-order the objects manually through the sequence manager. You can optimize the ordering further by using the available optimization techniques. The software will try to produce the best possible results with the provided settings. The startup wizard replaced from a Welcome page that allows you to create a new empty design with a click.

There is also a section with Video tutorials that will help every user to get started with the software quickly. You can select the Embroidery machine that you have from the Welcome page of the software. Also, you can select the hoop that you mainly use and set it as default. These settings will make the embroidery creation process easier.

You can set the fabric type and color that you usually use from the welcome screen of the software.

GIMP Tutorial: 3D Text Effect

This simplifies the design creation process and helps the user more productive. After setting the default Embroidery machine in the software, the stitch types that you can export will be automatically filtered, to those that are mainly supported from the machine.

What can I use Art Text 3 for?

It will list them at the top for quicker access. The software was re-designed and now many tools that are not applicable to specific actions are not visible.

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  • This helps the user to view only the tools that he can use and do not get distracted from tools that are not applicable. Export any loaded design to any USB and then load it the embroidery machine.